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Device Programming Services

Ordering pre-programmed parts from Arrow offers several advantages compared to in-house or third-party programming solutions:Infographic

  • Shorter total cycle time
  • Fewer days of inventory
  • No fall-out costs
  • Reduced order management and material handling costs
  • Lower shipping costs

Quick Turn

  • First articles ship within 1 day once customer supplies all necessary files and instructions.
  • Production programming: Orders <5K units ship within 72 hours
  • Tape & reel only: 24 hours in N. America; 48 hours in Europe and Asia (orders <10,000 units)

Capabilities More

Arrow’s capabilities also include programming devices not purchased from Arrow, whether franchised or not.

Global Coverage More

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Our follow the sun approach to engineering ensures your first articles will be processed on-time, regardless of the time of day orders are received. Copy-exact processes provide seamless transitions if production shifts regions, with the confidence that your intellectual property will be protected via Arrow’s secure systems used in its ISO 9001-certified global programming centers.

Leverage our investments for your gain…
Arrow invests in the most advanced programming equipment available. We support 250,000 devices across 180 suppliers in all package variants and invest in support for new parts every day.

Device programming includes eprom and eeprom programming services, programming FPGAs, PLD programming, microprocessor programming, programmable flash memory, NAND Flash and IC programming services.

The simplicity of Arrow’s programming model gets you ready for production fast – with lower total cost of ownership, fewer headaches.

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